Version Info

Release Notes v3.20

  • Performance improvement for item attribute filtering

  • New Key for Table Sales Shipment Lines. Improves Performance in Cross Selling Service

  • Dynamics NAV 2018 Suppport

Release Notes v3.19

  • New Service "Outbound Filter Item Attributes"

  • New Service "Outbound Item Attributes

  • New node in "Outbound Item Transfer for Item Attributes for items

Release Notes v3.18

  • New field in "Inbound Inb. Sales Order WS" and "Inbound Create Sales Order WS"
    "Order Time"

  • New/modified nodes for "Service Outbound Item WS"
    "Item Translations"
    "ItemVariants", "ItemVendors", "ItemSalesPrices" as Groups

  • New nodes for "Outbound Master Data WS"

  • Design Change
    Inbound Create Inb. Order: Block customer resolving by name when inserting into sales header tables.
    Auto avoiding of loop backs of inserted web changes

Release Notes v3.17

  • New fields for Customer Web Service
    "Customer Disc. Group"
    "Allow Line Disc."
    "Invoice Disc. Code"

  • New field for Item Web Service
    "Item Disc. Group"
    "Created From Nonstock Item"

  • New field for Outbound Item Transfer
    "Item Disc. Group"

  • New Service
    "Outbound Line Discount Group"

  • New Service

  • New field Inbound Create Order
    "Campaign No."

  • New field Inbound Create Inbound Order
    "Campaign No."

  • New Node in Outbound Item Sales Price Web Service
    "Sales Discounts"

SOAP UI Test Projects

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